Thursday, June 5, 2014

Back under a different name

After deliberating for a while I decided to keep my blog and not move it to another medium such as Wordpress. Being technologically inept, I don't think I could handle it. Instead my blog name is now GazelMa and from this day forward if my blog is to be accessed it will be via!

I'm glad to be back blogging. To be honest, I never quit in the first place. If you follow me on my Instagram (and if you don't, you should if you wanna see pictures of my food and dogs, but mostly my dogs because they're absolutely ADORABLE, haha) I post outfit pictures already. While I love Instagram of course, there's some limitations such as not being able to write to your hearts content and let the pictures do the talking. I for one missed writing on a blog and I would like to get into the habit of writing about whatever. I'm hoping that from this day forward that I post a lot more - this is my goal. I'm not as busy right now and I missed the blogging scene to be honest. I miss having a space that is just mine.

What will be new on on this blog? During my absence on this blog I've changed my style. I think that is one noticeable change. My clothing, my hair (love being a blonde!), and how I do my makeup. Speaking of makeup, I've become addicted to that lately, and people in my life aren't as enthusiastic about makeup as I am, so the blog would be a great medium for me to gush about my favourite products and such.

I've also made the decision to keep (most) old blog posts because it is... me. Maybe except the really cringe-worthy posts I will be keeping everything intact!


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