Sunday, June 22, 2014


Outfit Details
Shirt: New Look Inspire | Skirt: Modcloth (get it here) | Shoes: Zara | Bag: Cambridge Satchel Company (get it here) | Necklace: Black Heart Creatives via Etsy (get it here)

When I wear any shade of red, it doesn't matter what form, I feel x10 better and sure of myself! I've learned from speaking to other people that it is also a colour that some people avoid wearing because it does draw a lot of attention to oneself. To me, there is something about the colour red that exudes confidence. Sometimes, I am a bit soft spoken (although it depends where you catch me, I tone down my personality at work to be honest), but at least I can show some of my true personality with what I am wearing.

I think of fire when I think of red, and people close to me have said I do have a firey personality which is fine by me. I do love me some fire... it's my favourite element. Plus, fire smells good when it's in bonfire form.

I decided to complete the look by adding my bitchy necklace. I am after all a fat bitch, haha. Seems fitting!

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