Monday, June 23, 2014

Trying out old favourites

My DSLR is out of commission right now (my batteries are dead) so I'm relying on my phone for now for outfit pictures. I don't think that makes too much of a difference -- of course I think the actual camera is much better than a phone camera, but I think for an iPhone camera the photo quality is not too shabby!

Outfit Details
Top: New Look Inspire | Sweater: New Look Inspire | Shorts: New Look Inspire (similar here) | Bag: Vintage Coach | Shoes: Bass (get it here) | Watch: ASOS (get it here)

I wore this outfit to go out to dinner with Gab and my little brother. We spent 1 hour trying to figure out where to go until we all finally decided to go out to Indian food. We have our favourite Indian buffet but we wanted to go somewhere my brother hadn't tried before so we went to an Indian restaurant that we used to go to -- one of our favourites actually, but we no longer go because of how far away it is now. We were excited to go but when we arrived to the restaurant we were so disappointed by the experience!  What I remembered to be a great place to eat no longer exists. The buffet was not well stocked even though it was peak dinner hours, the place was dirty, flies were buzzing around, the door was not properly closed and so it was really hot in the restaurant. We were served by an apathetic waitress who was really absent. The food was not as great as before and my brother was really disappointed, haha. Needless to say we won't be coming back, which is a shame.

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  1. AAAAHhh!! You can still layer and wear a sweater!! It's crazy hot here in Vegas and I've been hiding in the house! Envious! I love layering!


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