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Should you have any business inquiries (such as sponsorship or advertisement) please contact me at! There we can talk about collaboration, my blog stats and much more. I am open to advertising both large and small businesses. I thank you for your time and consideration, however if your content is not relevant to my readers I may have to decline.
 is a blog that focuses on plus size fashion and is geared towards people of all sizes and ages, should plus-size fashion be of their interest. Most posts are either outfit posts, product reviews and wishlists. For more questions please e-mail me.

To give you a brief breakdown on my traffic:

- I average about over 700 - 900 page views a day on my blog. Per month, it ranges from 20,000 and over.
- Over 800 Google Reader followers and growing.
- On Tumblr, I average a few hundred page views a day and I always link my main blog posts to my Tumblr.1
- In addition, I have over 1100 followers on Tumblr and growing!
- I have about 700+ followers on Twitter and growing.
- I have, on my Facebook account related to plus size fashion about over 350 followers on Facebook.
- I have over 360 followers on
- 60 followers on Bloglovin'
- 100 to 200+ page views on Flickr on average a day, with my blog advertised on photographs, plus garments if applicable.

*As of January 3rd, 2012.

I also have a wide variety of readers around the world. I am willing to do business with international retailers and businesses if it is in the best interest for my READERS.

My blog is growing constantly with each and every day, with more opportunities to come!


1. Ad Sponsorships

After a year Bonjour Gazel is now open to do Ad sponsorships. They come in three sizes for right now:

Small: 120x120
Medium: 200x150
Large: 468 x 60

Prices range from $15 dollars a month to $35 a month. We can talk about custom sizing of ads. Special pricing will be considered for local companies (Canadian). Please e-mail me for more for quotes, prices are negotiable depending on the plan.

2. Product Reviews

I am willing to do product reviews on items. I will provide an honest review consisting of one blog post along with photographs of your product. This is a great opportunity for readers to get to know your business and it's products. I also do videos on request as well.

3. Business Features & Promotions

I will feature your business on my blog with one blog post, showcasing your businesses items and if applicable, creating polyvore sets to showcase your items as well. I am also willing to advertise any promotional codes you may have on your businesses, if applicable.

4. Giveaways

Best way for marketing your business and attracting more traffic. I will review the item, if applicable, and if desired, hosting a giveaway on my blog. These giveaways will involve usually liking your Facebook pages, Twitter, or any other social media platform applicable.

Disclaimers and other Notes:

I reserve every right to determine what is appropriate for the content of my blog and for the readers. If it is not in the blog's main interest and reader base, I will let you know via e-mail. I also have a right to keep my credibility, and therefore I will only review with honest reviews which can be subjected to negative or positive reviews.

I will not review weight loss pills, diet aids or anything to do with weight loss, body modification (such as weight loss surgery, liposuction, lap band, etc.) or anything that is irrelevant to the blog and it's reader base. For more inquiries on this matter feel free to e-mail me for more clarification, but it is very clear that any weight loss product will automatically be rejected.

With this in mind, I thank you for reading and I hope to work with your business in the future and expand our horizons.

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