This page is all the frequently asked questions I get from my readers that I've encountered via e-mails and formspring and other forms of social-media. Hopefully you will all get to know me better through these!

Is Gazel actually your real name? How do you pronounce it?
Yes, Gazel is my real name. It's pronounced "Gay-zul." Everyone thinks it's pronounced like "Gazelle" the antelope creature, but nope, it isn't. I also prefer if people did not choose to call me 'Gazelle' because it is easier on their tongues and it's "prettier".  Not only is not pronouncing my name the way it's supposed to be disrespectful, but it's completely ignoring cultural contexts as well - so please, call me as it's supposed to be pronounced and I will be happy.

Where do you currently live?
I live in Winnipeg, Canada.

What do you study?
I'm studying sociology, currently going for an honours degree. I want to hopefully specialize in race/ethnic relations in Canada, as well as immigration and globalization!

How old are you?
I'm 21 years old.

What size are you?
I honestly don't know... it's all just inconsistent. I order UK 22 on top (so 18 US) and 22-24 to the occasional 26 UK on the bottom.  I'm slightly a pear-apple shape, I have a smaller waist but a huge hip area. My bust is smaller in proportion to my hips!

Where are your favourite places to shop?
Check the 'links' section above.

Why don't you ever try to lose weight? Being fat is gross.
If you're on my blog and you're a fat hater, I think you found the wrong place to be trolling and flaming. I have nothing against the notion of losing weight, and I will do so at my own pace, but I don't need strangers telling me I need to lose weight. I prefer happiness over obsessing over my body.

What's the camera you use for your photos and who takes your photos?
My fiance takes pictures of me, sometimes I use a self-timer with a tripod. My camera is currently a Nikon D40 with either an 18-55 mm lens or a 50 mm 1.8f ... I occasionally use my iPhone or my Olympus point and shooter.

Don't you care about your health? Obesity is bad for you! Don't you want to live a long life?
My health is none of your business and even if I were unhealthy, it's still none of your business. Any pain I cause myself is my own fault - and I acknowledge it. I don't need any troll or fake-concern person to tell me that I'm fat. I get it.

If you have any more questions for me, send me an e-mail !

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